Independence Day Fun

This holiday weekend Village Parents got together to celebrate!  We had The Barclay School grounds outfitted with kiddie pools and a sprinkler thanks to the school and their great community garden shed.  The kids had a blast!

The parents had fun too.  Everybody brought a dish and we had a terrific spread.  Really tasty stuff.  Thanks to the hard work of Village Parents’ Debra Matthews neighborhood businesses contributed to making it a great party too.  Donna’s provided a delicious pasta salad and Eddie’s kept everyone hydrated with bottles of water.  And we needed them because it was HOT.  The kids enjoyed an ice cream treat from Cold Stone Creamery on St. Paul Street.

We ate and then we played.  Big kids, and little ones too, raced in authentic sack (thanks, Zeke’s!) and three-legged races!  There were lots of smiles and lots of laughing.  We can’t think of  a better way to spend the 4th of July than with Charles Village families!  We can’t wait until the next party!  See you there!

PS: There are more photos and video on our Facebook page:

One response to “Independence Day Fun

  1. I posted my pictures to Flickr.
    There is a slide show of the highlights.
    and a link to all of the pictures.

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