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Second Annual Junk Hunt Map!

2012 Charles Village Junk Hunt Map

Meet The Parents

A few weeks ago Village Parents hosted a panel for current parents for Margaret Brent and Barclay students at the Village Learning Place.  It was the first opportunity that many of the parents who enrolled at the schools this year have had to share their experiences with others and to answer questions about the successes and challenges.

It was really great to share and to hear what others had to say.  Thank you to everyone who came and participated in this important event.  Thank you to Johns Hopkins for providing the refreshment and to the VLP for letting us use their space!    Last but not least thanks to all the dedicated members of Village Parents who worked hard to plan a great event.

If you couldn’t make it to the event you can watch it via YouTube.  Below are parts I and II.  Parts III and IV will post in the next few days. Please let us know if you have any technical difficulties.


Kids and Clay at Barclay!

Charles Village Festival

Thank you and welcome to all of the new members of Village Parents!  The Charles Village Festival was so much fun today and we are looking forward to being there again tomorrow.  If we didn’t see you today we missed hanging out with you!  It’s a good thing it’s on again tomorrow.  You should definitely stop by! We’re in the dell by the moon bounce.

PS: Here’s a little roundup of Charles Village Festival links

These Are the People in Your Neighborhood


Margaret Brent Elementary held its second annual May Fair this past weekend. Part of what makes Charles Village a truly spectacular place to live are the people who make up this terrific neighborhood. And it was never truer than last Saturday afternoon.

Do these people look like they’re having fun or what? Who is that mustachioed (wo)man? Recognize and familiar faces? Click through and mouse over the pictures to see what everybody’s saying. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table!