Charles Village Schools


Barclay School-Family Compact*

Barclay School Improvement Plan*

Barclay School Profile*

Project Early ID

Margaret Brent

Margaret Brent School-Family Compact*

Margaret Brent School Improvement Plan*

Margaret Brent Enrichment Programs*

Margaret Brent School Profile*

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Project-Based Learning Resources**

Project Based Learning is a dynamic approach to teaching in which students explore real-world problems and challenges, simultaneously developing cross-curriculum skills while working in small collaborative groups. (Edutopia)

It is currently being implemented at Barclay and Margaret Brent Schools.

  • The Buck Institute for Education is dedicated to creating and disseminating products, practices, and knowledge for effective Project-Based Learning.
  • This twitter site contains many ideas, resources, and testimonials related to Project-Based Learning. It is very active and constantly being updated.
  • This site on Project-Based Learning is sponsored by the University of Delaware, which has been a leader in scholarship and professional development on Project-Based Learning.
  • This Lucas Educational Foundation site contains a set of resources on Project-Based Learning and includes some video links to examples of Project-Based Learning in practice.

**Courtesy of Dr. Peter Rennert-Ariev of Loyola University Maryland

Visiting a School

School evaluation checklist

How to evaluate the school

How to evaluate the superintendent

How to evaluate the principal

How to evaluate teachers

How to evaluate school safety

No Child Left Behind Information

What NCLB means for your school

School Reform Articles and Recordings

A recipe for more choice schools in DC, Washington Post

Building a better teacher, New York Times

Annapolis father wins parent involvement award

Philly parents work to rejuvenate a public school, Philadelphia Inquirer

To fight ‘dropout factories,’ school program starts young, USA Today

Montgomery rightfully wary of ‘Race to the Top’, Baltimore Sun

Magnet Schools, Baltimore Urbanite Magazine

D.C. principal’s hands-on tack transforms Sousa Middle but also ruffles feathers

Onward and Upward: Can a headstrong CEO and empowered principals save city schools?

The Education Manifesto: Michelle Rhee and Adrian Fenty on what they learned while pushing to reform D.C.’s failing public schools, The Washington Post

The Purpose of Public Education, panel discussion with education experts sponsored by Baltimore Curriculum Project, Loyola University, and Urbanite Magazine (click “The Purpose of Public Education”

Links for Education in General

Inspiring Teachers (page of resources for parents)

Countdown to Kindergarten


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